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Horseback Riding

Built in 1930 and renovated in 2000, The Trail Club stables house up to 15 horses and ponies. The stable grounds include a large outdoor riding arena, surrounded by beautiful woods and the tranquil Indian Brook Pond. There are several large turnout areas and two outdoor horse bathing stalls.

The Club employs a full-time Stable Manager responsible for the care of the animals and the upkeep of the Stable. The Club also has a year-round Trainer who provides English-style riding lessons, summer clinics for different skill levels, guidance on the trails, and assistance in local horse shows at which many Member riders compete.  Pony rides are available for all ages (it's never too early -- or late -- to become a Trail Club equestrian!)
The Club offers many miles of spectacular riding trails exclusive to Members and our Horse Heaven site, which provides hunter-style jumps for the experienced rider.
Club Members are invited to board their private horses at the stables or make use of the Club owned horses on a lease or per use basis. 
Many beloved Trail Club traditions involve the stables and its horses. Whether or not a rider, Members enjoy visiting the stables, feeding the horses apples and carrots, and bringing friends to meet the animals and watch the riding. Each fall, we have a hike in which Member riders on horses join Member hikers on foot to Inspiration Point, where -- upon arrival -- the horses enjoy some hay, and members delight in a steaming bowl of chili (supplied by our Chef).  Another Club tradition integral to the stables is the Horse Show Ball. This annual summer experience involves riding demonstrations during the day and a festive Clubhouse party at night.  It raises money for the stables by raffling off fun and creative prizes donated by Members.