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Pine Pond and Indian Brook Pond are perfect fishing spots, and the reason why the Club is located where it is; the founding members acquired and developed land around them. Pine Pond is naturally home to bass, pickerel, and trout. With the help of the littlest Club members, the Club stocks Indian Brook Pond with rainbow trout every spring for the Members' fishing and eating enjoyment.  Members gather at the Pond for this annual event -- as it marks the beginning of spring and fishing season.

The Fishing Committee hosts a fishing night at Pine Pond for kids and adults alike each summer. On the morning of the event, kids participating in the Club's summer camp work to gather worms in preparation for an evening of fishing. Committee members provide rods, hooks, and know-how to guide the community in trying its luck at catching fish. Many a first fish have been caught on Fishing Night. The surprise and thrill of anyone catching a fish is a delightful experience for everyone (though not so much for the fish!).